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Enterprise SE

Customer Management



Quick and Easy Autopilot Helper

Track Customers Details

Track Multiple Vehicles by Customer

Enhanced Customer/Vehicle Notes


5 Custom Price Levels

Custom Tax Rates

Custom Discount Levels

5 Extra Percentage Fields

Email Service Reminders


Service Reminders


Print Postcards


Print Letters


Print Mailing Labels


MS Office Compatible

Customer History



Customer Service Tracker


Vehicle Service History


History by Customer


History By Vehicles


History By Order#


History By Item Number


History By Description


History By Rental


History By Storage and Towing


Work Orders and Invoices and Quotes




Create and Edit Work Orders

VIN Number Lookup


Charge Shop Supplies

Switch Customers and Vehicles

Customize Printable Work Orders


Custom Work Order Fields


Add Parts to Stock at Work Order


Add Parts to Stock at Purchase Orders


Add Customers at Work Order

Fax Invoices

Email Invoices


Quoting System


Transfer Quotes to Work Orders


Point of Sale Invoicing

Point of Sale Quoting


Tracks Rentals


Tracks Storage



     Project Management    (NEW)          
Project Management by Phases        
Convert Quotes to Projects        
Projects to Work Orders by Phases        
Reports and Graphs for Projects  


Scheduling and Appointments


Schedule Customers and Appointments

Enhanced Scheduler


Work Orders from Schedule


Appointments by Technician


Inventory Management


Enhanced Inventory Tracking


Buyers Guide (Catalog)    

Custom Parts and Labor Kits


Maintains Non Stocking Inventory


Tracks Serialized Inventory


Tracks Cores


Maintains Vendors


Tracks Vendor Returns


Enhanced Labor Job Kits




Manage Accounts Receivable


Track Accounts Payable


Check Register


Time Clock with Time Sheet 



Track Payroll


Track Tech Hours


Track Labor Costs by Technician


Quick Financial Summary


Technician Productivity


Reports and Forms


Custom Report Designer


Custom Sales Reports

Custom Customer Reports


Custom Accounting Reports


Custom Inventory Reports


Enhanced Marketing Reports


Management Reports




ARI Parts Smart



ALLDATA Estimate Conversion


ALLDATA Estimate Creation


DealerTrax Sales Manager


Internet Connectivity


QuickBooks Pro Export/Import


Open Interface Module

World PAC Interface


Wrenchead Part and Mitchell Interface


Mitchell/Shop Key


Quick Quotes


Palm Pilot Connectivity


Parts Price / Inventory Updater



Peachtree Interface




Network Ready

No Support

Shop Client Add-On





Easy Find

Online Help

Printed Manual


Free Upgrades (1 Years)


Free Tech Support (1 Year)


Available Custom Programming & Support



Available Installation / Training On Site      

Additional Support & Upgrades (Yearly Billing)





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All Pricing Per Site License



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