DealerTrax Shop Manager

DealerTrax was designed specifically for use with automobile service and repair shops. DealerTrax is a totally customizable product that can fit your business. 

If you have a large shop or just want features that you don't see in our lighter versions, such as parts and labor estimating, quoting, service and parts sales analysis, customer service reminders, enhanced customer and vehicle history, then Shop Manager Professional may be your choice. If you have either or both of our lighter packages, you can continue to use them along with our Professional version.

View our Shop Manager Enterprise Presentation

Presentation includes some features available only in the Enterprise level program.

We have many levels of software to choose from. If you are running a small shop (1-2 bays) and you just want to create professional work orders, then purchasing our ShopOrder may be the way to begin. ShopOrder will allow you to create nice, neat work orders with the customer and vehicle information as well as the parts and labor. Inventory control and canned parts and labor jobs are also enabled in ShopOrder. This program can also be used as a Point of Sale system for a parts store. Shoplite can be upgraded to any of our higher versions when you decide you need more power.

If you have a larger shop (2-5 bays and several technicians), you may want to look at ShopLite. This program allows you to create work orders, manage inventory, schedule service, run sales reports and export your work to popular accounting programs like QuickBooks) and Peachtree). Customer history is also enabled in this version. A Point of Sale Interface is included. ShopLite can be upgraded or used at the same time as either our higher or lower versions. (ShopOrder in the work area, ShopLite in the Office)

Your business may also be involved in the sale of automobiles. Our Sales Manager Professional can help you manage that part of your business as well. The integration between our Shop Manager Pro and Sales Manager Pro will allow you to share customers, vehicles and repairs between all three of your departments, sales, service and parts.


Benefits of DealerTrax Shop Manager.

  • Easy to use program interface that you can customize for each workstation and user.
  • Built in Marketing module that integrates the scheduler with your e-Mail and postcards, letters, etc. based on mileage or last service date.
  •  WorldPac Parts Interface
  • Built in Catalog or Buyers Guide that builds as you add data to work orders
  • Wrenchead Parts and Labor Catalog
  • Network ready out of the box at no extra charge
  • Service and Parts Counter Interfaces built in.
  • Full 32 Bit Windows Application utilizing one of the fastest and most reliable Microsoft databases available. 
  • With the use of standard Windows keyboard shortcuts most functions can be performed without the use of a mouse.
  • Customizable Data Fields, Reports and Forms
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows© 95,98,2K,ME,XP
  • Custom Report Maker enables you to modify current reports or create new reports
  • Service Schedule with Technician Reporting Time Tracking (Actual and Flat Rate)
  • Technicians can log in and log out on each labor line item allowing you to track actual time spent on each job in a work order
  • Palm III SeriesPalm and Pocket PC integration
  • Integrated inventory, sales, POS, and Accounts Receivable
  • Custom Parts Kit Builder
  • Accounts payable, employee record keeping, financial snapshots
  • Purchase Orders, Return Merchant Authorizations
  • User Level Access Rights
  • Serialized Inventory capability
  • Chilton's Parts and Labor Database Integration
  • ALL DATA  integration 
  • Shop Key Estimate Integration
  • RealTime Labor Guide Integration
  • WorldPac Integration
  • ARI PartSmart Integration
  • Integrates with DealerTrax Dealership Software 
  • QuickBooks Pro 2001 Quick Books Pro interface: Export Invoices, Customers and Inventory  to QuickBooks Pro.
  • Auto Pricing of inventory items based upon your own custom price levels
  • Automatic re-order point calculations of inventory
  • Five price levels and discount level keyed by customer
  • Six Custom tax fields, Handles GST and PST for Canada
  • Enterprise scalable and Internet enabled
  • Ability to filter data and quickly find data based upon custom searches

Shop Manager Screen Shots

Work Orders

An Open Work Order with Parts and Labor

21 Print Styles

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New Orders

 New Orders and Quotes Start Here

Client Details

Customer and Vehicle Details

Open Orders

List of Work in Progress

Service Scheduler

Multi-Technician Scheduling

Customer History

Customer history by name, work order, model, any details in the work order


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Accounting and Analysis

Financial SnapShot

QuickBooks(c) Export

QuickBooks(c) Export Utility

ZDNet Evaluated this Program and gave it their highest rating of 5 Stars this is what they said:

Shopman32: DealerTrax Shop Manager 


ZDNet Rating   5Star  

Take Control of your Shop User Rating   5Star
Shopman32: DealerTrax Shop Manager is a powerful yet easy-to-use database designed just for auto service and repair shops; however, it's adaptable to almost any service business. The clean, crisp interface is well designed and a snap to learn, with all of the things you want right at your fingertips. Just a click lets you create invoices, complete repair orders, generate job quotes, and build custom reports. The complete inventory module tracks your stock and notifies you when levels are down, while the customer database helps you to keep track of sales, service, and contact information. Shops that use ALLDATA for parts lookup will find Shopman fully compatible. The accounts and reports modules give you the power to track every aspect of your business. Fully customizable global fields ensure that you can tailor the program to meet the specific needs of your business. Sample data and detailed help get you over any rough spots.
Reviewed on Feb 15 2001.